The Startup Junkie Bullpen

A roster of subject matter experts that includes former Startup Junkies, industry professionals, and premier service providers who are joining in the shared mission to empower existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and small business leaders. For years, Startup Junkie has supported, inspired, and educated thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators by providing no-cost, one-on-one consulting; events, workshops and programs. To better serve a diverse clientele with a wide array of questions and pain points, we’ve recruited a team of trusted and experienced colleagues who can help on a broader scale.

The Bullpen is designed to enable startups to tap into the expertise of subject matter experts on an as-needed basis. This allows entrepreneurs to access the guidance and insight they need to develop and/or grow their businesses at no cost. The Bullpen will continue to grow and add subject matter expertise to serve the growing and maturing entrepreneurial ecosystem of Northwest Arkansas. Meet the consultants, read up on their bios and areas of experience, and email them to schedule a free consulting meeting based on their availability.

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Jacob Herrington

Jacob can help you build robust software solutions and grow your tech team effectively, leveraging his global technical expertise.

Elizabeth Prenger

Elizabeth is a marketing expert and entrepreneur focused on branding, content creation, and women’s health products.

Quinn Simkins

Quinn can help you scale your food brand into major retail and e-commerce channels, utilizing his expertise in go-to-market strategies, manufacturing processes, and financial management.

Morgan Scholz

Morgan can help you strengthen your team and enhance workplace culture with expert HR strategies and leadership insights.

Trevor Pearson

Trevor can help kickstart your business’s growth with savvy go-to-market tactics and a deep understanding of product management and partnerships.

Chandler Abbott

Chandler can guide you through launching and growing your business with strategic insights and effective market analysis, drawing on his extensive experience in corporate and startup settings.

Nick Smith

Nick can elevate your startup with expert fundraising strategies and financial insights, backed by extensive venture capital and life sciences experience.

Matt Heffron

Matt can help you maximize your business impact using data science and business intelligence, coupled with his extensive background in music entrepreneurship and leadership.

Alissa Owsley

Alissa can transform your team dynamics with her people-first approach, offering expert leadership coaching and tailored development strategies to foster a strong, thriving workplace culture.

Rachel Heisten

Rachel can supercharge your business by harnessing a legal background and talent expertise to develop innovative strategies and processes that solve complex people challenges.

Davis Hayford

Davis can elevate your branding with his artistic vision and analytical approach, ensuring your visuals are not only eye-catching but also strategically effective across all digital platforms.