About us

Meet the people who make the Startup Junkie gears turn

Building a world of entrepreneurship in Arkansas

Through united efforts, the Startup Junkie team is improving lives through innovation and entrepreneurship. Startup Junkie Consulting marked its beginnings in 2008 and formally organized as an LLC in 2011 by offering consulting services at no-cost to entrepreneurs. In order to expand the reach, impact, and depth of services, Startup Junkie Foundation was born in 2015 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

As two organizations sharing the same purpose, mission, vision, and values, the team is jointly building entrepreneurial ecosystems in Northwest Arkansas through providing no-cost, one-on-one consulting; events, workshops, and programs; and access to capital and talent. Extending outside of the Ozarks region, Startup Junkie Consulting is also boosting emerging entrepreneurial communities spanning from Canada to South America.

Startup Junkie Consulting

Jeff Amerine

Founder and Managing Director, Startup Junkie Consulting

Brett Amerine

Managing Director, Startup Junkie Consulting

Phyl Amerine

Executive Consultant, Startup Junkie Consulting

Louis Diesel

Director, Head of Asia, Startup Junkie Consulting

Jernej Adamic

Director, Global Business Development, Startup Junkie Consulting

Startup Junkie Foundation

Caleb Talley

Executive Director, Startup Junkie Foundation

Victoria Dickerson

Marketing & Events Coordinator, Startup Junkie Foundation

Grace Gill

Operational Manager (Fuel) & Consultant, Startup Junkie Foundation

Claudia Scott

Kiva Hub Manager, Startup Junkie Foundation

Darian Harris

Fuel Accelerator Director, Startup Junkie Foundation

Matthew Ward

Senior Executive Consultant, Startup Junkie Foundation

Harrison Kitson

Program Assistant (Kiva) & Consultant, Startup Junkie Foundation