Board & partners

The people who make our work possible

The organizations making Arkansas a global leader in entrepreneurship

Funding Partners

Through the ongoing financial support from our partners, we are able to bring an inclusive, vibrant, and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem to the community. It is because of their financial support that our no-cost consulting and other free services remain just that, at no cost.

Community Partners

Our community partners are a driving force in our efforts to foster and support entrepreneurs. Our partnership with the University of Arkansas, the Arkansas Research Alliance, and Walmart Technology builds the foundation for which we support and propel entrepreneurs from all walks of life forward.

A warm round of applause for Startup Junkie’s Board

Any organization would be fortunate to have such steady stewards overseeing the helm. Our Board brings together a range of professional backgrounds and experiences that provide guidance and wisdom. Without their involvement Startup Junkie’s impact in Fayetteville and around the world would simply not be the same.

Calvin Smith, Chairman

CaseStack, Founder and CEO

Ronnie Brewer

Eight Season NBA Veteran & Founder of The Ronnie Brewer Foundation

Amy Callahan

Collective Bias, Co-Founder and COO

Cynthia Sides

University of Arkansas, Director of Industry Engagement

Dan Sanker

CaseStack, Founder and CEO