Improving Lives through Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We exist to empower innovators & entrepreneurs

Founded to meet a need in what would become a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, Startup Junkie has served clients across the region, state, and globe for over 15 years.

Since its inception, Startup Junkie has operated like a startup, pioneering with a team of multitalented “Swiss Army Knives” and a bias towards action, working to eliminate barriers and make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone and everyone. With an outcome-focused approach, the organization aims to inspire and empower existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business leaders.

Startup Junkie’s services are offered at no cost to startups and small businesses in Northwest Arkansas. The organization has worked with thousands of businesses and reached an audience of thousands through consulting, events, and digital media, and offers an arsenal of resources for any who seek them.

No cost consulting

We serve entrepreneurs, startups, and growth-oriented, for-profit small businesses. Through one-on-one consulting, we will be there with you through whatever stage of your entrepreneurial journey – from idea creation and validation, to pivoting, scaling, and exiting.

Accessible coworking

Do you need a space to co-work? Startup Junkie has several desks available with no reservation required at CenterSpace, located on the second floor of the Pryor Center at Fayetteville Square.

Reserve meeting space

The conference room (located in the Pryor Center on Fayetteville Square) is available to reserve for meetings, offsite gatherings, workshops and more. The no-cost space comfortably accommodates 20-25 people.

We’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners.
This important work wouldn’t be possible without the support of our funding partners.

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We’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners.

This important work wouldn’t be possible without the support of our funding partners.

Improving lives through entrepreneurship, reaching from Northwest Arkansas around the globe

Startup Junkie aims to provide services, education, and inspiration to entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Being Northwest Arkansas-based, our no-cost services, collaborative relationships, and networks of business professionals are always available for our clients.

Our goal is to serve our community and to provide a positive influence on the booming economic ecosystem of the NWA. However, Startup Junkie is not exclusive to Arkansas. Visit our programs page to learn more about our projects and partners from around the globe.

Programs that make a difference, locally & globally

Startup Junkie is helping to bolster community and move the needle for entrepreneurs in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

Our portfolio of programs include Fuel Accelerator, Kiva NWA, and Upstart Thrift. The Startup Junkie team also helps organize the local 1 Million Cups community.

No-cost events, workshops and meet-ups for everyone

Check out our portfolio of events designed to educate, motivate and collaborate! Get plugged into the NWA ecosystem and connect with founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Be prepared to be inspired!

Stories from real innovators & entrepreneurs

Catch the latest episode

Tune into the video version of each episode on YouTube or find us streaming audio on your favorite podcast platforms, like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
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Check out the Startup Junkies Podcast

Hear inspiring stories and stimulating conversations from some of the most interesting founders in Northwest Arkansas and around the world. The stories of people who made the product that changed people’s lives. The stories of world-changing entrepreneurs. This is the Startup Junkies Podcast, available on all your favorite streaming platforms.

The latest news and articles from Startup Junkie

Keep up with the latest Startup Junkie news and resources. Find out what’s happening in the community, keep up with our blog, and get familiar with our video library. A wealth of information is at your disposal, and Startup Junkie is happy to share.