Going out tonight? Take Purlu with you

Nov 14, 2019

Brad Cardwell and Caitlin Trickett want you to go out tonight. And they want you to find the best deals possible when you do. Their app, Purlu, is designed to allow users to find the best local food and drink specials and maybe even discover your new favorite spot in the process. 

The app allows users to set their location, the distance their willing to travel, the day and time they’re planning to venture out and what exactly they’re looking for – whether that be food, adult beverages or even places where kids eat free. 

We caught up with the Purlu gang to see what the hype was all about and how the startup community could help these entrepreneurs.


So, what is Purlu? 

Brad: Purlu is a free mobile app that makes it easy to find the best food and drink specials in Northwest Arkansas.

Where did the idea for Purlu come from?

Brad: Basically, I was annoyed that there was no good way to keep track of the deals around town. We made it to make our lives easier.


How has the reception from the community been towards your venture? 

Caitlin: It’s been great! We’re at 1,800 users, and that’s growing every day.

Why’d you choose to launch Purlu in Northwest Arkansas? 

Caitlin: We graduated from the U of A and live here so it was a natural place to start. We love helping our friends find deals and help restaurants and bars get exposure.

What does success look like? 

Caitlin: World-wide domination! Haha – not really, but kind of. Success for us would be gaining enough users and subscribed restaurants to expand to other local markets and then eventually, yes, world domination. 


What has been a challenge you have overcome since launching?

Brad: User acquisition. Despite it being free and super useful, a lot of people are still hesitant to go through the laborious task of downloading a new app. 

What’s next for Purlu? 

Caitlin: There is a major Phase II update coming soon, and we’re launching an ambassador program to start expanding outside of Northwest Arkansas. 

What can our entrepreneurial community/blog readers, etc. do to help you? 

Brad: Download the app, use it and share it with your friends! The more users we have the easier it is to sign up subscribing businesses.