What’s your best advice for pitching?

Mar 3, 2020

The Northwest Arkansas entrepreneurial ecosystem is privileged to have a number of leaders who represent successful startups, Universities, entrepreneurial support organizations and more. Want to learn from the leaders? We’ve polled the men and women of the Northwest Arkansas entrepreneurial ecosystem on several informative topics. Here are some of their answers to: “What’s your best pitching advice?”


Jeff Amerine, founder and managing director of Startup Junkie:

 “Understand your audience and speak to them in terms they understand.”


 Carter Malloy, founder of AcreTrader:

“Get to the point.”

Haley Allgood, executive director of Startup Junkie:

“It’s not just about the content, but how that content is delivered. Confidence and practice can make a world of difference. I’m available if you want to practice together!”


Edwin Ortiz, founder of Luncher:

“Tell your story and let people connect with the ‘why’ of what you are doing. Also practice, practice, practice.”


 Rick West, co-founder and CEO of Field Agent:

“Start with an emotional word picture that gets the audience involved at hello.” 


Omar Kasim, founder of Con QuesoJuice Palm and Plomo:

 “Practice the pitch you scripted until the pitch begins to sound different each time you give it.”


Brett Amerine, COO of Startup Junkie, co-founder of Cadron Capital Partners:

“Practice. It’s not easy for anyone.”

Canem Arkan, managing director of Endeavor Arkansas:

“Less is truly more. If you cannot clearly and concisely explain your idea or business within a few short sentences you will lose your audience. So, please keep your pitches short. Don’t over rely on your presentations. Be dynamic and engaging and ask questions from your audience. And remember, there will be plenty of time to go into the details once they are hooked?”


Christine Pummill, Community Manager at Plug and Play:

“Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be. Ask family members, friends, co-workers to let you practice pitching to them to get more experience under your belt.”


Angela Grayson, founder of Precipice IP:

“Be confident. People can smell fear.”

Andrew Gibbs-Dabney, founder of LIVSN Designs:

“Dive into why your idea is different than the competition, then focus on your team and why you are the best people in the world to pull off your idea.” 

Have a question for leaders in the Northwest Arkansas entrepreneurial community? Send it to caleb@startupjunkie.organd look for the answers in an upcoming blog post.