Oct 6, 2020

Startup Junkies Podcast Now Downloaded in 100 Countries

The weekly entrepreneurial podcast also nears 100,000 total downloads

The Startup Junkies Podcast, produced by Startup Junkie Consulting and Startup Junkie Foundation, reached a historic milestone last week when it was downloaded in its 100th country outside of the United States. The weekly podcast’s international reach expands as it also nears 100,000 total downloads.

“The Startup Junkies Podcast is an unscripted, freewheeling discussion with innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world,” said podcast host Jeff Amerine, Startup Junkie Consulting founder and managing director. “Listeners learn about the entrepreneurial journey, key insights in building businesses, new emerging industries, random rants about just about anything, and maybe a bit about the beer or cider the hosts are drinking during the podcast.” 

The Startup Junkies Podcast first launched in 2015 with Amerine and co-host Jon Cadieux of 455 Media and NWA Workplace. What began as an occasional excuse to drink beer and talk about entrepreneurship in the afternoon, according to Amerine, had grown into a weekly show by 2018, featuring local entrepreneurs and guests from across Arkansas and the United States. 

“It’s almost hard to believe,” said podcast co-host Caleb Talley, Startup Junkie Foundation’s director of marketing and events. “We’re just having fun and talking about things we enjoy, and to know thousands of people across the globe are tuning in, it’s pretty special. It also just confirms to me that a lot of eyes – or in this case ears – are on Arkansas, and especially the Northwest Arkansas venture scene.” 

The Startup Junkies Podcast has been downloaded approximately 90,000 times since November 2017, when it began tracking unique downloads. With 211 episodes released as of Oct. 1, the Startup Junkies Podcast averages approximately 425 traditional downloads an episode. 

The podcast has been downloaded in all 50 states, with the largest U.S. markets outside of Arkansas being Dallas with 5 percent of domestic downloads, San Francisco with 4 percent and Washington, D.C. with 3 percent. 

Internationally, the Startup Junkies Podcast’s largest single-country audience is in Canada, with 14 percent of all international downloads, followed by Australia with 9 percent. Europe makes up approximately 16 percent of the podcast’s international audience, with most of those downloads coming from Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden, respectively. 

Much of the show’s recent success in downloads and reach has been spurred by the support of Go Rogue X, a Northwest Arkansas-based video marketing and podcast consultancy firm, and high profile guests that include former AOL CEO Steve Case, The Hustle founder Sam Parr, former Stax Records chairman Al Bell, and more. Upcoming episodes include conversations with VCC founder Sam Alley, Slim Chickens founder Tom Gordon, Sarah Frey of Frey Farms, and former White House Chief of Staff Thomas McLarty. 

“If you want to learn and have some fun at the same time, we would love for you to check it out,” said Amerine.

Listen to the Startup Junkies Podcast on the Startup Junkie website, Apple iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and anywhere else you listen to your podcasts!