Creating a Website for Your Startup: A Quick Guide

Jul 28, 2022

Every day millions of websites are built. What separates successful from bad ones? Highly successful sites need to have a clear purpose, should be easy to navigate, and be visually pleasing. Visitors want to revisit secure, stable, functional, and helpful websites that will give them a fantastic experience. If you want to introduce yourself by website, you need to make sure it is a top-notch one and put lots of effort into it since that is the only thing customers can see. 

Building your website can be exciting and overwhelming, so we have gathered some of the most critical steps you need to take to make a successful site. Being among the best is hard, but you can do it with lots of will, effort, and work!

A Five-Step Guide For Successful Website

Determine Your Goal

First, you must maximize your benefits by defining your goal. You have to shape your brand’s identity and determine what kind of design effects you want to use. You can choose a photo gallery, blog, online store, and many more. The next step is creating your identity. Take a paper and a pen and simply brainstorm your ideas; write down phrases you want to use, colors, logos, and the vibe you want to present.

Do a Competitor Research

You need to research your audience’s needs and wants. If you understand what they want, it will be easier for you to build your website from scratch. You can do this by visiting different websites similar to the one you want to have. Go through pages and look for the content that is provided by each one. 

It’s a good idea to check the Q&A section, since the most common interests of all the visitors are usually concentrated there, and you can better understand their requirements. Lastly, visit the People Also Ask section on Google since you can get further insight into your potential audience and get more ideas for your project.

Visual Options & Domain Name

  • Design

Start with your design since this is the first thing that will catch your visitor’s attention. They will be exposed to it the whole time they are on the page, so take advantage of it. A good or bad design can easily make or break your site, so be careful!

  • Pictures

Next, take a picture of your products in action. This can help in highlighting its benefits and usefulness and can help in attracting viewers’ attention. Furthermore, you can add some text on the side to enforce what is so important about your product. This will stick in your visitors’ heads and remind them how useful the product might be.

  • Alt Text

This is a text written beside a photograph and describes it; it is a great way to explain the picture. Apart from that, it can help you organize the page and help individuals comprehend what your photograph is showing.

  • Animated Gifs

Animated gifs are a fantastic way to attract attention quickly. Add some animation if you want your viewers to stop and look at a specific product or section. Since you can use gifs in many ways, we suggest you take some time and illustrate a guide on how to use your product. 

This is a perfect way to turn boring data into an educational and exciting part. They can highlight specific sections on the page or even show multiple aspects of the product. GIFS can be a great alternative to static, boring images, but just make sure not to overuse them.

  • Avoid Eye-Burning Colors

Make sure you don’t cause headaches with bright neon colors. These colors can be okay if you use them in small doses but can quickly go from stunning to irritating. Some visitors may think using these colors is childish and unprofessional. You can use them to create accents, but make sure to water them down with opaquer tones.  

Lastly, make sure you go all-out with your homepage design. It will be the face of your website, so make it informational and eye appealing. Next, have an eye-catching gallery display with descriptions and photographs of your products. Make sure they are displayed most appropriately. 

An About page is something similar to a business card. Present yourself in the best light and be honest. Tell a story about your interests, strengths, values, and other information you may find important. Make sure to add a contact section and dedicate one paragraph to contact numbers, social links, and emails. This way, clients will be able to get in touch with you.

SEO Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization optimizes your site to rank it higher on search result pages. It is crucial to set your website up for success for it to be found by Google. The more exposure to customers, the more popular your website and products will become.

Make It Mobile Friendly

50% of internet usage comes from mobile phones. Since Google has established mobile-first indexing, it is crucial to infuse your time into mobile design and SEO. This will provide users with a smoother experience on small screens. You can also incorporate mobile features and an intuitive mobile menu. Many websites can help you create responsive, outstanding designs to attract your visitor’s attention.

In Summary

Creating your website for a startup can be a more complex task than you expect it to be. There are many more points you should educate yourself on before diving into this project. When you do your research and make a plan and outline for the design, get ready to put your soul into this since it will help you expose yourself in a good light. Take your time, and don’t rush it. Always make sure to prioritize quality over quantity. Good luck!