How Founders Can Be Their Own Marketing Departments

Feb 25, 2022

Marketing in today’s image-saturated world can be difficult, but business owners are able to reach their audience in more ways now than ever before. If you’re the owner of a new startup or small business in Fayetteville, AR, learn more below about how to become your own marketing expert by using marketing channels to your advantage, developing better strategies, and creating a plan for the future based on your analytic reports. Make sure to book a consultation with Startup Junkie to learn the ropes!

1. Understand Marketing Channels

You may not have a clear understanding of what marketing channels are, or you may have trouble matching the right messages to your channels. “Channels” refer to the methods you use to get your message across to potential customers. You can use a variety of digital advertising, direct communication, networking, and search engine optimization strategies to grab the attention of your audience.

According to HubSpot, determining which channels to use will depend on your target demographic as well as your talents as a business owner who is trying to become his or her own marketing department. For example, you may have a knack for creating engaging video content, or you might have a gift for engaging others at in-person networking events. If you are digitally inclined, you may wish to create an email campaign that targets those who have visited your website.


2. Devise a Clear Strategy

Your marketing strategy should be multifaceted and utilize both content and digital marketing to reach the widest audience in your target demographic. Meet with your team to create and define your marketing goals. Do you want your ads to encourage customers to switch to your service over another one or try a brand-new product they’ve never heard of before? Take a good look at your goals, try to determine what your customers want, and focus on describing your products or services in ways that grab their attention.

After you’ve honed in on the purpose of your marketing, find a way to focus your messaging. Messaging refers to the actual words you say or write to your customers as well as the emotions that your communications evoke. For example, you may sell handmade jewelry with a focus on the craft and the time it takes to create each piece. Your message should speak directly to your audience, who may be people who value beautiful, artisanal jewelry crafted with vegan materials and with sustainability in mind.


3. Focus on Analytics

To determine whether your marketing campaign was effective, familiarize yourself with key analytics. Good analytic tools can help you determine whether a campaign worked, understand how well it worked in monetary terms, and forecast potential outcomes for the future of your business.

In the virtual space, analytics are often compiled for you. Use built-in tools or purchase software to determine who viewed your ad, who clicked through to your site, and who bought something. This is just one way to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Tracking new business after handing out business cards or assessing how many customers found you after a referral could be another.

Running a business at the same time you are completing many, or all, of your marketing tasks can be daunting. Focus on learning more about straightforward marketing campaigns and understanding analytics, and you will be ahead of your competition in no time.