The Value of Brand Voice: Why It Matters

Sep 13, 2021

Guest Blog | George Newton

Brand voice often determines that initial first impression to your customers. Your brand voice is the unique manner you present yourself. It is a reflection of your identity as a company when you connect with your consumers. It represents your values, your goals, and your personality as a company. Without a brand voice, your business will be indistinguishable from the rest.   

What Is A Brand Voice? 

In the same way that people have their own distinct persona, companies do as well. There are many ways to define a brand voice. The way a business communicates to its target audience. The language they use, the stories they tell, and the values they embody. The tone of voice and manner in which a company carries itself. 

“Ultimately, your brand voice is a combination of different factors that differentiates your brand from your competitors,” according to Joseph Paul, a business writer at Origin Writings and 1 Day 2 write. “It is your unique personality as a brand.” 

Why Does Brand Voice Matter? 

Brand voice greatly impacts your impression on your target audience. A report by Sprout Social found that 33% of consumers believe brands that have a distinct personality makes them the best on social. Possessing a distinguishable personality as a brand is a great way to rise to the top amidst the vast sea of competitors. 

Your voice as a brand matters because of its surprising capabilities. If your target audience likes your brand voice, it can help build consumer trust and connection. A study by Forbes concludes that consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that reflect the same values as them. Thus, cultivating a unique brand voice that resonates with your consumers can be highly profitable. 

Moreover, a company’s brand voice makes them memorable. Starbucks, for example, has a clearly identifiable brand voice. Consumers know exactly what to expect from Starbucks as a company. They know the brand is personable, passionate, and warm. They care about coffee as much as they do their customers. It’s reflected in their online presence as well as the way they treat consumers in person. 

How To Find Your Brand Voice 

Define your core values as a company. Your brand voice, first and foremost, should be a reflection of your mission statement as a company. Similar to a human personality, your personality as a brand is influenced by your values and beliefs. They determine your attitude as a company when you engage with customers. These are the values that your consumers will know to identify you by and hopefully, identify with. 

Define your audience. It’s great to know yourself as a brand, but arguably, just as important to know your consumers. Identify your ideal consumer. Study their profile extensively. Understand their needs, their likes, and their values. Your brand voice should match their style of communication. As a brand, if you want to connect with your customers, they must be able to relate to your brand. Your ability to create a brand voice that appeals to your buyer persona decides the success of your brand voice. 

Research the kind of content your target audience consumes. Understanding which content performs best among your consumers is a great way to define an impactful brand voice. Being aware of current viral trends among your consumers will not only make your brand voice more relatable, it can also expand your audience reach. 

Define what your brand voice is not. If your company is struggling to find your brand voice despite being aware of your core identity and values, your ideal consumers and their preferences, consider defining what you do not want your brand voice to be. “While it may not give you a definite idea of your unique persona as a brand, at least, your company will know what to avoid,” advises Brandon Forbis, a journalist at Brit Student and Write my X

Check out your competition. Your brand voice is intended to help your company stand out from the competition. In order to figure out the qualities that make you stand out as a brand, you must first be aware of the brand voices you are trying to distinguish your company from. 


Creating an unforgettable brand voice is crucial as a company. Without a memorable brand voice, consumers will be unable to differentiate your brand from your competitors. A unique brand voice can make all the difference in your company’s success. 


George J. Newton is a business development manager and content writer for Academic Brits and Dissertation writing service. He has a very patient wife of over ten years, who is his biggest supporter. He also contributes his work to websites such as Custom coursework.