The Value of a Logo to the Customer Experience

Aug 17, 2021

Your logo is oftentimes the first thing many customers will see. It is often the primary association many customers will have when they think of your business. Your logo represents your company, and many companies, from multinational conglomerates to mom and pop stores, spend a significant amount of time and effort on their logo for a good reason. Your logo should capture your company’s values and branding while also being distinct and recognizable. Why is your logo so important, and how do you create an effective logo? Read on to find out. 

Aligning your logo with your brand

A logo is a representation of your company and your brand. The logo you design should convey your brand’s values and how you want others to see your company. Is your brand serious or silly? Professional or casual? Do you want to be seen as edgy or traditional? You can convey all of these things through your business logo, which is why it is so valuable. 

A logo doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive

A common mistake made by many budding entrepreneurs is to try to pack as much as they can into their logo so that it covers as many company values as possible. It is a mistake and often leads to logos looking crowded, messy, or overdesigned. Your logo should be unique, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Many of the most well-known multinational corporations have logos that are both iconic and simple. McDonald’s has the golden arches, Apple has the apple with a bite taken out of it, and Microsoft uses four colored squares for its logo. These logos are relatively simple from a design perspective, but they are instantly recognizable to most people. From fashion labels like Supreme to technology giants like Samsung, many brands use a stylized version of the company name as their logo.

Creating iconic imagery

Your logo connects your company to the minds of your customers. They should recognize it and easily associate it with your business. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve this; it’s surprisingly easy to create a logo for free. It is crucial, as all too often, many start-ups are strapped for cash. The money you don’t need to spend is money you make, so creating a logo is a great way to save money.

Logo makers can help you create professional-looking logos for free. The interface is easy to use. It has a range of customization options to help you create a personalized logo for your company. 

Standing out from the crowd

A customer associates your logo with your business. As tempting as it may be to mimic the success of well-known logos, it’s better to come up with something unique to you and your business. The last thing you want is for customers to see your logo and confuse it with a different company, especially if it is a direct competitor.

Every minute detail can be a factor in creating a logo that stands apart from the competition, even with a purely font-based logo. Details such as font-weight, kerning, and serif or sans-serif can make a big difference to the final output. If you’re not a designer, you may not be familiar with some or all of these terms, but that’s not a problem. Many free logo makers make these options easy to use by providing simple sliders or checkboxes that let you adjust every minute detail from the individual spacing of the letters to how each particular letter is stylized.

Represent your business values

There are hundreds of thousands of different font families, each representing the alphabet in a slightly different way. Some of these fonts have become so famous that they’ve become household names, like Comic Sans or Helvetica, which has a self-titled documentary. Comic Sans is often used to convey playfulness and is a very casual, informal font. Helvetica, by contrast, is considered a more serious font and suitable for use in ‘professional’ settings.

The sheer variety of different fonts can make it very difficult to find the right font for your logo. However, it is well worth taking the time to experiment and explore as many different options as possible. Every little detail can make a difference as to how others perceive your logo, so you want to try a lot so that you can know when you’ve found the right mix of settings that works for you.

The value of a logo

As this article has demonstrated, your logo is precious to your business, and it pays to take time to craft the perfect logo. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire designers or spend a lot of money. Still, you should put thought into your logo and create something unique to your business.