Feb 22, 2021

231: David Meltzer – Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing, Host of The Playbook Podcast, 3x Best-Selling Author, and 1,000,000,000 Happy People

David Meltzer – Sports 1 Marketing (Co-Founder)


Welcome to another episode of the Startup Junkies Podcast!  In this week’s episode, Jeff Amerine and Caleb Talley sit down to talk with David Meltzer.  David has accomplished a great deal in his storied career, and he has learned many lessons as well.  He was the CEO of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, and he Co-Founded Sports 1 Marketing.  Now, David is a keynote speaker, author, coach, podcast host, television producer, and much more.  David talks with Jeff and Caleb about many of the projects he’s worked on throughout his career and a few of the lessons he’s learned along the way.  Thanks for tuning in!


(1:28) Introducing David Meltzer

(7:57) Enjoying the process rather than the outcome

(14:47) How going virtual has increased audience reach

(23:08) Balancing planning with living in the moment

(30:56) Wrap up



Caleb Talley

Jeff Amerine

Matthew Ward

David Meltzer 


“Gratitude gives you perspective.  It takes pain from a position of a stop sign to a position of a turn signal.  It’s an indicator that you have something to learn.  Gratitude allows you to find the light, the love, and the lessons, even in the most difficult, challenging circumstances.” (12:05)

Making Money to Buy the Right Things with David Meltz

On this week’s episode of the Startup Junkies Podcast, David Meltzer joined Jeff and Caleb to talk about his extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, as well as how he found that money can’t buy him happiness. Still, it can allow you to do some remarkable things.  

David graduated at the top of his class from Tulane University Law School, but he quickly left his job as an oil and gas litigation lawyer to sell legal research online. He made his first million dollars within a year, and three years later, in 1995, the company he worked for sold for $3.4 billion.  

After the enormous exit, David left for Silicon Valley to be a lawyer. He quickly rebranded as a technology guru and was a significant part of raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the wireless proxy server space. Later, he led the team that created one of the first smartphones with Windows and Samsung in 1999.  

Building off the lessons he had learned so far in Silicon Valley, David became a venture capitalist and angel investor. During this time, he met Leigh Steinberg, one of the most successful American sports agents. David served as the CEO of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment and eventually met Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon. In 2010, David and Warren founded Sports 1 Marketing. 

Four years ago, David met Gary Vaynerchuk and was helping him start his sports agency. David knew he had been in sports and entertainment agency for a while, and he knew it was time to reinvent himself and find success elsewhere. He noticed that Gary was an expert in the digital and entrepreneurial space, and he asked for help in exchange for assisting Gary with the sports agency.

Gary taught David how to adapt and utilize his traditional marketing experience in the digital marketing world to build his brand. Now, David has written books and become a keynote speaker. He is a business and entrepreneurial coach, he hosts a podcast, and he has multiple television shows, including Elevator Pitch and Two-Minute Drill.  

While David has experienced more success than most people can imagine, he has encountered significant failures and setbacks as well. In fact, he says that he once lost more than $100 million because of ego. Listening to David talk, one could argue that he has learned more from his failures than his success stories. 

One thing that has changed drastically over the years is David’s relationship with money. He has always tried to make as much money as possible, which seems like it will never change. What has changed are his motivations and what he plans to do with his money. Through his failures, David realized that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does allow you the ability to buy more things. He no longer buys things to impress people or for selfish ambition, but he buys things to help other people.  

He once saw achievement as something that would bring him joy and happiness. He would be happy after he graduated high school or college. He would find joy when he got his first big payday. Now, he enjoys the process. He finds happiness in everyday life. It is no longer the ending but the journey along the way that motivates David Meltzer.

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