Media Startup NWA Daily is Improving the Way We Do Daily News

Jan 14, 2021

Local media startup NWA Daily is looking to change the way Northwest Arkansas residents consume their daily news. Founded by Daniel Fritsche and Luke Brasuell in the fall of 2020, the daily newsletter has grown to more than 1,000 readers and counting. 

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Why did you start NWA Daily?

We are passionate about all of the exciting things taking place in Northwest Arkansas but have found it difficult to keep track of all the developments in the region, especially for those of us not as plugged into traditional media formats. This problem was highlighted during election season. To get a broad understanding of the climate in our area, we had to piece together information from a variety of sources: news sites, local TV stations, city websites, and social media.

When we began asking others if this was a concern for them as well, the response was overwhelmingly clear that it was. We then realized NWA was in dire need of a platform that succinctly summarizes and aggregates the most important news and delivers it in a conveniently consumable manner. A simple, yet comprehensive email newsletter was the solution.


What’s the goal of the newsletter/what do you hope to achieve? 

Our main priority at NWA Daily is to provide our readers with accurate, entertaining, and relevant information to ensure they are up-to-date and excited about all the wonderful things happening in Northwest Arkansas. We know how exhausting it can be jumping from one article or medium to another when seeking out local news, so we created a one-stop shop for the everyday local. In addition to informing residents about what’s going on in the area, we strive to instill in them the same sense of passion and pride we feel for NWA by highlighting how amazing the region is.


What has the timeline looked like, and how have you progressed over that time?

 We (Daniel and Luke) began discussing the idea of a local newsletter similar to nationwide newsletters like The Skimm or Morning Brew back in October. Steadily we began to build an archive of stories and news before presenting it to friends and family in November…at Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve expanded our team and brought on a Managing Editor to manage the website and content. From there, our outreach was pretty organic and grassroots, and around the first of the year, we hit one thousand subscribers.


What do you want people to know about what y’all are trying to accomplish?

We want our readers to know that they can rely on NWA Daily for the most relevant and reliable information about their hometown every weekday. Our goal now and forever will be to equip our readers with what they need to know and help grow Northwest Arkansas into a community that is always informed and involved.