IdeaFame Competition set to be Televised First Day of Startup Week

Aug 11, 2020

In order to accommodate social distancing and gathering guidelines, this year’s Startup Crawl will instead be Startup Week, which will feature the first-ever televised IdeaFame Pitch Competition. This virtual adjustment will provide entrepreneurs a platform where they can pitch their ideas to an even larger audience on the first day of programming – Sept. 14.  

Contestants will have up to 60 seconds to explain their idea for a new business, product or service in their video submission. This varies from the live pitch format, so contestants have complete creative freedom to film, refine and edit it as they please. We welcome all types of submissions ranging from polished minute-long movies to 60-second selfie videos.

If you have pitched in a previous IdeaFame competition, this is your opportunity to have your idea reach a wider group, and you can improve your pitch from past experiences. The deadline to submit a video is September 1st and should be email to

The televised event will be interactive for viewers as they can vote in a live American Idol style manner by texting in their favorite pitch, and the winners will be announced at the conclusion of the program. The audience’s favorite contestant will take home a cash prize of at least $1,000, and a panel of judges will select their favorite to receive an award of equal amount. 

The IdeaFame prizes are given to help relieve the winners from some of the startup costs associated with launching their business. Click here to learn more information about IdeaFame.