Five Podcasts Female Founders Should Add to Their Playlist

Mar 18, 2020

 According to Podcast Insights, 51 percent of the US population has listened to a podcast, and 62 million people listen to podcasts every week. Those are huge numbers. Regarding business, podcasts have become a way for professionals to educate themselves on-the-go. They are “digital classrooms.”

These classrooms can significantly change the trajectory of those who may not have the time to go back to school for an MBA or could use some encouragement about where to go next. Specifically, there is a growing number of podcasts centered on helping female entrepreneurs grow their business. 

Whether they are focused explicitly on female business ownership, or just address valuable information this group should know, podcasts can be an inexpensive way to learn something new. 

Below are five podcasts for female founders who want to skill-up and learn about the foundations of entrepreneurship. 

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

It can be challenging to step outside of your comfort zone, especially when failure is on the line. Cathy Heller, host of Don’t Keep Your Day Job, attempts to ease this anxiety. Heller interviews creative entrepreneurs who have chosen the path less traveled to success. Her guests include professionals like Seth Godin, Kevin Nealon, and Sunny Lenarduzzi. Listeners will hear how these individuals—and other professionals— have achieved their goals in creative ways. If you need a push to pursue your dream, check out this podcast. 

Support is Sexy 

Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely journey. You may think you are the only one handling the struggles associated with business owners, but you aren’t. Author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Elayne Fluker’s podcast, Support is Sexy, features interviews with over 450 women of different industries and backgrounds. These individuals share their insights and advice, as well as the resources that helped them optimize their business. This podcast really stands apart as Fluker features in-person interviews with female entrepreneurs located as far as Spain, South Africa, and Bulgaria. The major takeaway is that regardless of the culture or country, we all have the same entrepreneurial struggles as well as the talent to overcome them. 

What Works

Maybe you need a bit more practical advice about handling the ins and outs of small business. If so, Tara McMullin’s podcast should be on your list to check out. On What Works, McMullin offers authentic conversations about managing the marketing, operations, product development, sales, and other core activities associated with small business leadership. You will hear from individuals like lawyers, writers, consultants, and other professionals who outline how they tackle the everyday obstacles of entrepreneurship. 

Women Taking the Lead 

Listed on Forbes Top 18 Women-Led Podcasts, You Need to Download Now, Jodi Flynn’s Women Take the Lead is a one-stop-shop for business inspiration and education. While she does conduct interviews with other entrepreneurs, Flynn has also added an on-air coaching segment to the podcast. There, Flynn airs the coaching sessions to help other entrepreneurs who may have similar struggles or questions. She also discusses some of the common topics her actual clients are bringing to her for advice. Whether the issues involve handling Type A tendencies or goal setting, Flynn has an episode that can help. 

Startup Junkies Podcast

Well, of course we would save the best for last. With more than 190 episodes, the Startup Junkie Podcasts has hours and hours of insight from some of Arkansas, and specifically Northwest Arkansas’, most unique and successful entrepreneurs. Each episode of the Startup Junkies podcast is led by serial entrepreneur and Startup Junkie founder Jeff Amerine and features a local entrepreneur or leader in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem providing information that can’t be learned in a classroom ­– entrepreneurs sharing their story, the ups and downs and providing advice they wished they had taken.


Podcasts Can Provide the Tools You Need to Move Forward

No longer do you have to sit in an actual classroom or attend an in-person workshop to receive valuable entrepreneurial insights. Today, you can be on the way to your day job listening in for relevant knowledge, while preparing to expand your side hustle or emerging business at night or on weekends. Regardless of where you are in the entrepreneurial journey, there is a podcast that can provide the information and resources you need. We hope the ones above offer the education you need. 

SOURCE: “Five Podcasts Female Founders and Entrepreneurs Should Add to Their Playlist,” Atlanta Small Business Network