13 Lessons from the Experiences of Self-Made Billionaire Founders

Mar 13, 2020

In the world of a startup founder, one must always look for ways to improve their company if they want to take things to the next level. Whether it be building a founding team, developing products that can survive a competitive marketplace, raising venture capital, or simply getting their name out there, startup founders and CEOs face many challenges on a day to day. With all of these obstacles to consider there’s no surprise that the prospect of launching and surviving in the competitive world of startups can be intimidating. 

That being said, we do know that it’s not possible. There are leaders in entrepreneurship who have bared most of the risks but enjoyed most of the rewards by coming out of their ventures successful and with more knowledge under their belt. These founders are the ones who seem to get it right. Of course, their success didn’t come without hardships and obstacles, but it can appear that way on the surface. However, by turning to this cohort of self-made billionaire startup founders we can gather advice based on their years of experience in the startup world.

Whether you’re still in the ideation stage as an entrepreneur, or maybe you’re a startup founder that’s looking for advice on how to build your team, Embroker has gathered 13 lessons from iconic startup leaders to point you in the right direction. These lessons cover topics from raising venture capital to developing products. Keep reading for advice from the experiences of self-made billionaire founders.