20 de abril de 2020

Startup Junkie lanza una serie de vídeos instructivos

In response to the cancellation of all in-person events, including scheduled workshops and educational programs, Startup Junkie is launching a digital library of instructional videos for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Each video in this library will feature a member of the Startup Junkie team or leaders from the Northwest Arkansas entrepreneurial ecosystem and will cover a range of topics, including lean canvas methodology, small business financing, early-stage investing, MVP building and more. 

“Startup Junkie exists to empower innovators and entrepreneurs, and we try to do that by education, inspiration and support,” said Caleb Talley, Startup Junkie director of marketing and events. “We do that primarily through no-cost, one-on-one consulting, and we’ve been able to continue that virtually. In order to continue to be a source of support to the entrepreneurial community, we knew we had to move our educational programing online, too. We hope these Master Class-style videos will be a resource to founders and small business owners.” 

The Startup Junkie digital library is launching with seven videos. More videos highlighting new topics will be added to the library in the future. The first seven videos cover the following topics: Get Your Business Off the Ground, Small Business Loan Funding, Customer Discovery, De-Risking Your Venture, Early-Stage Investing, Lean Canvas and Building Your MVP. 

Each of these videos will be available on the Startup Junkie YouTube channel, under the “Digital Library” playlist.

The videos in this series were filmed on-set at Farm Studios in Hiwassee, Arkansas, and produced Intercut Producciones.

If you have an interest in seeing a certain topic highlighted in a future video, please email your suggestion to caleb@startupjunkie.org.