27 de febrero de 2024

Fuel Accelerator lanzará su segunda cohorte global de tecnología sanitaria el 12 de marzo

Bentonville, Arkansas, EE.UU. | February 27th, 2024 | Startup Junkie Foundation’s Fuel Accelerator is excited to announce the launch of its spring cohort, Fuel For Your Health, for the second year. This cohort will feature eight innovative healthtech companies from around the world and will bring together a diverse range of solutions that are transforming the healthcare industry. The official kickoff for Fuel For Your Health is March 12th, 2024.

The Fuel Accelerator program, launched in 2018, has included accelerators in supply chain, artificial intelligence, and health innovation. In the past five years, Fuel has held six cohorts and successfully matched over fifty portfolio companies with key enterprise partners to accelerate the adoption of tangible technology solutions. Fuel facilitates growth for healthtech startups by connecting them with healthcare institutions, medical professionals, and industry experts in the Northwest Arkansas community.

As Fuel Accelerator continues to grow in both capacity and influence, it sees the potential to serve the region by developing further in the healthtech space. “Before long, people will think about Northwest Arkansas as a healthcare hub just as they currently do with retail or supply chain,” said Caleb Talley, Startup Junkie Foundation executive director. “We believe we can leverage the Fuel program to contribute to that regional effort by bringing effective, innovative startups and world-class talent to Northwest Arkansas.”

The Fuel team is proud to introduce these eight startups to Northwest Arkansas from March to May. Their solutions range from AI-enabled digital health platforms to automated devices with focus on mental health to administrative efficiencies, all working to solve major issues in healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

The companies included in this year’s Fuel Accelerator, along with location of operation:

Fuel Accelerator is a program of Startup Junkie Foundation, in partnership with Catapult Consulting. Catapult Consulting, led by Tom Douglass, former Director of Emerging Technology at Walmart Stores Inc., provides deep domain experience in business strategy to bring companies and ideas to the forefront and create the next generation of disruptive businesses.

For more information about Fuel Accelerator, visit fuelaccelerator.com.


About Fuel Accelerator 

The Fuel Accelerator program is a 10-week enterprise-ready accelerator designed to help seed and growth-stage tech startups become enterprise-ready. It provides startups with the training, resources, and connections necessary to accelerate the adoption of tangible technology solutions. Unlike traditional accelerators, Fuel focuses on operational value training in addition to venture capital coaching. The program offers hands-on education, workshops, and feedback sessions, allowing participants to gain nurtured relationships and valuable insights. Fuel is a no-cost and no-equity accelerator based in Northwest Arkansas with office space provided at Ledger in Bentonville. Through Fuel, startups can grow their companies, gain access to capital, and navigate the complexities of the enterprise market.

About Startup Junkie Foundation 

Startup Junkie is a mission-driven organization that exists to improve lives through innovation and entrepreneurship. With a goal to stimulate economic growth in the region, the organization provides a variety of services including mentorship, consulting, training, and more. Startup Junkie has an extensive network of partners and professionals that are dedicated to enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northwest Arkansas. The Foundation has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through one-on-one consulting and hosts over 200 events and programs a year.

About Catapult Consulting 

Catapult Consulting is led by founder and CEO, Tom Douglass. Tom uses his unique experiences in small business, Fortune 500 Enterprises, and deep domain experience in business strategy to bring companies and ideas to the forefront and create the next generation of disruptive businesses. As a result, Catapult Consulting launches companies to the next level. Tom supports growth-stage companies and provides them with services, skills, techniques, network connections, and the knowledge needed to engage with enterprise-size entities.