8 de agosto de 2023

Fuel Accelerator anuncia la quinta cohorte anual de IA/ML para el otoño de 2023

Fuel welcomes 10 companies for innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Startup Junkie’s Fuel Accelerator is delighted to announce the highly anticipated launch of their fifth annual Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning cohort! Eleven companies from across the globe have been carefully selected to participate based on their commitment to innovation in the tech industry.

The cohort consists of companies spanning various fields, including workplace safety, text prediction, education technology, marketing and consumer insights, and professional translation services, all to make up a collaborative peer group.

The companies included in this year’s AI/ML cohort, along with the location of operation:

During the 12-week program, participants will establish connections with industry leaders, startup founders, higher education institutions, and public policy officials. The program offers hands-on education, workshops, and invaluable support to guide companies toward becoming “enterprise-ready.” This will empower them to effectively engage potential buyers, conduct successful beta tests, and navigate their target clients’ bureaucracy, boosting company success.

The program will begin with the Kick-Off event on August 15th.

“We can’t wait to welcome the 5th AI/ML cohort to Bentonville in August,” Grace Gill, Fuel Operational Manager, said, “I’m excited that the Fuel team gets to introduce these companies to the innovative ecosystem of Bentonville that’s so supportive of the program.”

Fuel is built on the idea that entrepreneurship is most effective at fueling our economy when capital is combined with go-to-market expertise. One of Fuel’s direct goals is to equip businesses with the tools they need to establish a strong presence in Northwest Arkansas and drive the region’s ongoing success.

At least one company from every cohort has successfully migrated to NWA. In August, product innovation experts, Simporter (2021 AI/ML alum), relocated their headquarters from Dallas to Bentonville.

“Fuel is an amazing opportunity to engage with mentors with diverse experiences. You learn from leaders from the tech community, the Walmart/Tyson/JB Hunt ecosystem, and capital partners” Simporter CEO Tim Hall said. “The learning path is well organized for tech startups. When it comes to networking and meeting potential customers, some of it is structured by Fuel — but just as important are people you meet by happenstance.”

Fuel is a program directed by Startup Junkie Foundation, in partnership with Catapult Consulting and with programming support from GrowthX. Catapult Consulting, led by Tom Douglass, former Director of Emerging Technology at Walmart Stores Inc., provides deep domain experience in business strategy to bring companies and ideas to the forefront and create the next generation of disruptive businesses.

Startup Junkie Foundation will continue collaborating with GrowthX, the Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund, and will incorporate their Market Acceleration Program (MXP) into the Fuel curriculum. GrowthX’s MXP online platform enables founders, and the organizations that support them, with that same go-to-market expertise in the form of a virtual accelerator that combines live coaching, on-demand training, and interactive playbooks to deliver real results.

For more information about Fuel Accelerator, visit combustibleaccelerator.com.


Acerca de la Fundación Startup Junkie

Startup Junkie es una organización impulsada por una misión que existe para mejorar vidas a través de la innovación y el espíritu empresarial. Con el objetivo de estimular el crecimiento económico en la región, la organización ofrece una variedad de servicios que incluyen tutoría, consultoría, capacitación y más. Startup Junkie tiene una extensa red de socios y profesionales que se dedican a mejorar el ecosistema empresarial en el noroeste de Arkansas. La Fundación ha ayudado a miles de emprendedores a través de consultoría personalizada y organiza más de 200 eventos y programas al año.

Startup Junkie Foundation has facilitated 12 previous accelerator programs with nearly 150 alumni companies. They engage thousands of entrepreneurs in the Northwest Arkansas region through a vibrant startup culture. Their clients have raised $469.2 million in private investment capital and scaled to a collective $797.5 million in annual revenue.

Sobre Catapulta Consulting

Catapult Consulting is led by founder and CEO, Tom Douglass. Tom uses his unique experiences in small business, Fortune 500 Enterprises, and deep domain experience in business strategy to bring companies and ideas to the forefront and create the next generation of disruptive businesses. As a result, Catapult Consulting launches companies to the next level. Tom supports growth-stage companies and provides them with services, skills, techniques, network connections, and the knowledge needed to engage with enterprise-size entities.

About GrowthX

CrecimientoX is a venture capital fund and investor syndicate powered by MXP Online, its proprietary Get-to-Market System™ that enables founders to do the work necessary to find product-market fit while providing GrowthX and its network of investors with unique and reliable early-stage investible insights. GrowthX works with a wide area, global network of founders primarily through the dozens of accelerators and funds powered by MXP Online. It also operates its own program powered by MXP Online called The Revenue Accelerator.